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with benjamin netanyahu. obama and netanyahu disagree over the settlements and approach to iran. but the president said they have unshakeable commitment. he announced $70 million to help israel expand the iron dome missile defense system to protect from hezbollah rockets. >> it's a program that has been tested and prevented missile strikes inside israel and is testimony of the leadership that we will be able to lock in that funding to make sure the program continues. we are standing by our friends in israel when it comes to these kinds of attacks. >> molly: the president who has not traveled to israel as president sent leon panetta will be traveling to israel to discuss additional ways to help with security. >> kelly: molly. thank you.
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>> heather: now to a fox news alert out of syria, government forces have begun their assault against rebel forces, unleashing helicopters and tanks on opposition strongholds in the city of alepo in an effort to crush rebels. it could be a turning point. they are billing it as the mother of all battles. aleppo is largest population of about three million people and once a symbol of the regime's power and raising fears that a new large scale massacre of civilians is possible. while gaining the upper hand so far, it's raising major concerns in the region. syria has ties of iran and believed to have the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the middle east. we will have much more on late breaking developments in the
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show for you. >> heather: over to israel, taking no chances over syria's arsenal of chemical weapons. preparing for actions as assad is hanging on to for survival. reporting that israeli soldiers have been put on alert. they are ready to move. the goal to prevent syria's chemical weapons from falling into the hands of hezbollah. the militant islamic group is a close ally of syria and long called for israel's destruction. we're learning that civilian demand for gas masks in israel is jumping dramatically. it's up 66% over just the last few weeks. >> kelly: we are learning new details about the shooting suspect behind colorado's movie theater massacre. james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist before the rampage. this information coming to light as two of the victims are laid
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to rest. elizabeth has more details. >> reporter: the court filings reveals that james was under the care of a doctor. he doesn't reveal the extent of the treatment but it does say she was the intended recipient of that package which was confiscated by investigators. media reports reveal that dr. franklin was reprimanded by the colorado medical board for prescribing medication to family members while not keeping up updated medical charts. meanwhile, the profiling, to get that notebook will be addressed monday during his arraignment. he faces 12 counts of first-degree murder charges and many more depending on the district attorney carol chambers. >> we want to see how aggressive they want to be. if you charge first degree and
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serious bodily injury for a bunch of victims there is a lot of medical records and lots of doctors. the trial could stretch out to epic proportions. >> meanwhile, today is mourning for people here in the city have colorado but across the nation as more funerals taking place. jessica was laid to rest. she was the aspiring sports reporter that survived a toronto shooting a week before hand. matt mcquinn is the hero who saved his girlfriend. he is being buried in his hometown. jesse childers is having memorial. there is a makeshift memorial over my shoulder where we are seeing people visiting all day. it's been growing. we see people leaving prayer cards. a very emotional scene. there are five people in critical condition in area hospitals and 11 people in
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getting treatment right now. >> kelly: elizabeth pran we're all keeping our eyes and ears on aurora, colorado, our thoughts and prayers with the families. for more coverage on james holmes and shooting investigation, just go to online on whatever device you use for the very latest information on this story. >> heather: you can believe this 100 days left in the race for the white house. it can't get any tighter. a new poll showing president obama and governor romney are all tied up with 46% each. these numbers especially significant looking ahead to november. in nine of the past ten elections, the candidate leading the gallup poll to hundred days out has won the presidency. what about this.
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it's all tied up. john is a columnist and thanks for joining us. all tied, 46% down to the finish who crosses first and wins november 6th and how? >> obviously we have a lot of game changing events. we have three presidential events. each candidate is going to have a speech laying out the future. the basics of this campaign have been the same for a long time. president obama is the incumbent. everybody knows him. everybody has an opinion on him. he has not crossed 50% of the vote in two key questions in over two years. one, do you believe he deserves reelection and two do you approve of the john he is doing. a 46-46 split for an incumbent and only 70% of the people have an opinion about mitt romney, that is very dangerous number for an incumbent in a two-man race. >> heather: let's talk about dangerous numbers. that being the economy.
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g.d.p. came out friday and according to the commerce department. economy grew at 1.5% annual rate from april through june. here is something i actually found really interesting. among the 7 u.s. presidents returning to office since world war ii, g.d.p. has averaged 3 4.7% during the first nine months of the election year. so far, this year the average growth rate has been 1.75% as president obama approaches the november 6th election. how does he overcome those numbers? >> i think we see in the campaign to destroy the image mitt romney has created as a jobs creator. if he can make him unacceptable to enough voters he can squeak
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through. but these numbers are devastating for an incumbent. a lot of economists say the president has such waning numbers because his economic policies have created so much uncertainty, made so many people unwilling to create jobs. we have $3 trillion on capital on the sidelines, people looking at the regulatory climate, i'm not going to get involved in creating jobs. the president is staring at the largest tax increase in american history that is going to happen on december 31. with all of that uncertainty. voters are increasingly uncertain. >> heather: we should point out there have been presidents who have been elected with below normal growth, president bush being one have them. averaging 2.8%. the likeability factor. his job approval rating, mid 40s but a lot of people like him personally. a gallup poll came out last week
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in the likeability category, mr. obama scored 60%. mitt romney just 30%. can likeability trump the economy? >> it certainly hurt mitt romney he hasn't warmed up to the american people. mike huckabee said mitt romney reminded him of a guy that was going to fire you from your job if he didn't like you. he has a chilly personality. he has warmed up a little bit. i think voters are going to view the economy as more important. mitt romney has a real challenge. he has made some gaffes that made it quite difficult for him to connected with voters. >> heather: thank you, john. we appreciate you joining us. >> kelly: president obama talking taxes one day after new g.d.p. numbers show a weak u.s. economy growing at a snail's
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pace. hitting the web today house republicans and triple down economics are all that stand in the way to prevent middle-class tax hikes. peter has more from in washington. >> he says his tax plan will give everybody a tax break except for top 2%. they say since the top 2% are the john creators it would not be smart to take money out of their pockets? >> unfortunately democrats the default position appears to let everyone taxes skyrocket if congress doesn't agree to their plan to raise taxes on one of the most productive segments of our economy. >> reporter: but president obama says that is not right. >> republicans and nominee for president believe that the best way to create prosperity in america is to let it trickle down from the top. they believe that if our country spends trillions more on tax cuts on the wealthy will create jobs. even if we have to pay for it
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like education and training and by raising middle taxes. they are wrong. >> reporter: now speaker boehner is planning to squash the tax hike on top 2 percent they want to stop the small business tax hike while laying the groundwork for pro-tax reform that will keep jobs in earmark and bring jobs back to america that have gone overseas. but the white house is not backing down. >> the president continues to insist that the proposals he has put forward outside economists say would have an immediate impact on economic growth and immediate impact on job must be passed by congress. >> reporter: almost every taxpayer in america will see their bill go up on new year's day. >> kelly: peter doocy with news out of washington what is going on with taxes, thanks, peter. >> heather: coming up, a growing uproar over national security information, some of it being leaked and some of it being
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misplaced. peter king is looking for answers and joins us next. >> kelly: new legal and financial concerns for george zimmerman the man accused of killing trayvon martin. >> heather: and the jury in the trial of the ex-police officer who is accused of murdering his wife and is a suspect in another wife disappearance. details on people will decide drew peterson's fate. >> if you caused someone to not be available to testify that hearsay statements are admissible against you. [music] see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light.
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>>. >> harris: welcome back. new concerns about george zimmerman. his attorney speaking out about the case, his client is afraid to go back to jail. the wife told the judge they were broke. >> judge most recent ruling, he suggested that george may have been guilty of another crime by being silent during the bond hearing. last time that was mentioned by the judge lester, his wife could be arrested.
4:17 pm
>> his client is now running out of money. this has zimmerman's parents launch a website to raise funds. they are hoping to counter the way their son has been, quote, savagely portrayed in the media. the parents explain how the family's lives have been turned upside-down. like their son have been hiked after receiving death threats. he is charged in the second-degree murder in the february shooting death of martin. >> kelly: full jury is set for the murder case of a former illinois police sergeant who seemed to keep losing his wives. drew peterson's trial is expected to start on tuesday after a long delay on court rulings. they selected seven men and five women for the jury. prosecutors say peterson murdered his third wife back in 2004. investigators first ruled, heard that an accidental drowning in
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an empty bathtub with her hair soaked in blood. ex cop is still a suspect in his fourth wife's disappearance. he claims she ran off with another man. >> he was a cop that is now a notorious murder suspect at the center filled with sex, lies and missing wives. drew peterson has been behind bars since 2009 awaiting trial. his third wife died in 2004 in odd circumstances. police never came after peterson until his fourth wife stacy disappeared. an intense search for the 23-year-old mother of two led nowhere but it gave authorities to exhume the body of third waive. his death was ruled an accident but a second autopsy determined she was murdered. with little physical evidence,
4:19 pm
prosecutors will exploit illinois's new hearsay law. >> if you cause someone to not be available to testify that person's statement are admissible against you. >> which means he will the testify from the grave because family and friends may be able to tell friends that savio that peterson threatened to kill her and jurors will hear about stacy. on the day stacy disappeared, neighbors say they saw peterson carrying a blue barrel out of the house big enough to contain a body. when asked about it by shepard smith, he walked away from the buff. >> the neighbors say they saw you carry out a big blue barrel. >> that is not what we agreed to talk about. i just wonder. >> well then, i guess i have to walk away. have a good day mr. shepard. it was nice talking. >> now, he often plays for the
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camera. >> i saved a bundle on my car insurance. >> heather: in a rare television interview, supreme court justice scalia sits down with kris wallace to talk about his new book. including the wake of the movie theater shooting. >> there are some limitations could be imposed. what they are depends on society understood with reasonable limitations. there were location limitations. >> what about technological things. we're talking about a weapon that can find fire hundred shots in a minute. >> we'll see. >> justice kale yeah talked about the health care, scale yeah and tune in tomorrow to
4:21 pm
find out what he had to say about that. check your local listings for time and channel. >> a startling report how bad small businesses have been hit during the recession. we will tell you how many mom and pop shops were lost and staggering number of jobs they took with them. >> heather: plus growing outrage over potential national security leaks and allegations that the obama administration leaked classified information to hollywood producers. chairman of the house homeland security peter king joins us next. >> president takes it very seriously. we all take it seriously. it's an insult to suggest that this white house would leak classified information for political gain. that did not happen and would not happen under this president. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times...
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, mitt romney landing in israel after attending the opening of the olympic games in london. on the agenda, several meetings with top officials including one with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> two more victims in movie theater now laid to rest, funerals for them taking place today in ohio and texas respectively. >> and mayo clinic giving details about jesse jackson junior's medical condition. the illinois congressman is being treated for depression. >> growing concerns over the potential danger of national security leaks. earlier this week, the head of a special operations command warned that the leaks are putting american lives at risk. the man who oversaw the raid who got osama bin laden. >> we need to do the best to clamp down on it.
4:27 pm
sooner or later it will cost people their lives. >> so on top of all this, there are new questions about the c.i.a. and its handling of national security information for an upcoming movie about the bin laden raid. they found a thick stack of documents that involve the cooperation with the filmmakers saying the documents were quote overlooked and none of this sat too well with our next guest. peter king from new york, chairman of the house homeland security committee. congressman, thank you for joining us this particular day. with so much on your mind about what is going on, one issue in particular keeps coming up, if the obama administration actually leaked national security administration to help produce the movie on the killing of osama bin laden. governor mit romney saying if this is true, such conduct is betrays our national interests.
4:28 pm
obama administration denies leaking from such information. what do you believe, sir? >> thanks for having me on the show. i believe this has to have come from the highest levels of the obama administration certainly within the white house and most likely within the national security council. i am very concerned about the movie because the c.i.a. inspector general, he did changes made. it was done and a classified way since then they found another four or five inches of materials that were lost somehow that is going to start another investigation. plus, the defense department inspector general is investigating what the pentagon did as far as the movie. the killing of bin laden and leaks that were coming out right after, just several months ago the counter plot, counter spy plot going in al-qaeda in yemen.
4:29 pm
that reached the media before our end of the plot was completed. in addition to that we have story in the "new york times" about an alleged program against iran as far as taking down the iranian computer systems for production of nuclear weapons. we have the leaks about the drones. those ones especially involving the computer virus and also involving the drones, it had to come from right from the national security council because it the stories recounted incidents that occurred at the national security council. these are his advisors. president never said a word about this until mccain and i started criticizing theex leaks. then the president said something. >> kelly: i can understand your concern. i can remember my grandmother who helped build parts for
4:30 pm
airplanes in world war ii, she would say, you recall, loose lips sink ships. at a time when so many security issues, so many people confronting our national security, doesn't this underscore the fact that perhaps someone within our military or even our national security has failed to remember that adage, we need to be pro-active? >> i can't believe, loose lips do sink ships. as admiral say, this is going to cost american lives. there is going to be some leaks somewhere. but here we find leaks recounting conversations and planning at the highest levels of the administration. only people that have access to part of those meetings would know what happened would be able to talk to the way they did.
4:31 pm
it had to come from the people around the president. it's so important it fully investigated and stop being put to it before lives are lost. >> kelly: i understand that, i know you want to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible who is putting lives at risk by leaking such valuable information. how do you get back or people back to understanding the high importance of keeping their mouths closed about national security issues? >> i would have thought anyone working at the white house would know that. but apparently we have to reemphasize and make clear the president has an obligation to call those people in, first of all, who leaked it but also tell them we cannot allow any of this to happen in the future. this is putting american lives at risk and allies to be very suspicious of dealing with us going back to the al-qaeda plot in yemen, going back to the
4:32 pm
computer virus situation in iran we were dealing with very close allies. they feel they have been wronged on this. they feel they have been betrayed and reluctant to get involved with us. >> kelly: that is exactly what we're talking about. it undermines our reputation abroad and our relationship with our allies. we heard from special operation command william mccraven who says the president and capitol hill are taking the leaks seriously. what are you proposing to clamp down on in terms of dealing with this breach of security? >> first of all, i wonder how serious the president is taking it because he allowed these leaks to go on until mccain went on the senate floor and went after him on it demanding investigations. we need a full investigation by the f.b.i., by the justice department. there were two investigations going forward right now. i believe we need special counsel in those investigations,
4:33 pm
not u.s. attorneys that will be under eric holder. when you are involved in an investigation at the highest levels of the white house and executive privilege, the types of questions that can be asked under what circumstances, white house officials reporting before a grand jury. what happens if the president asserts the executive privilege. you take the president court. i don't trust eric holder to make those decisions. a special counsel, he should be put in charge of those investigations. >> kelly: congressman peter king giving the obama administration's take on this, they had nothing to do with these leaks. congressman is conducting the investigation. we'll find out where all of this lies. thank you sir. >> thank you. >> heather: an organization interned today thank soldiers
4:34 pm
now involving a greater calling. launching midnight mission to help locate veterans struggling with unemployment and health issues. it all begin of a soldier who never made it out of iraq. >> reporter: started by two patriotic buddies who lost a high school buddy in iraq. volunteers walk city streets to help homeless veterans to help them get back on their feet. >> i was 19. i'm 66 now. >> and homeless for almost a decade. gene anderson served a gunship during the vietnam war. >> i was honored when i was in the service. i had a lot of respect. when i came home, people turned their backs on me because i was in vietnam. >> it's homeless vets like him they are helping with their
4:35 pm
midnight mission. >> my goal is to make sure we're getting them off the streets and finding them housing and helping them to connect them to organizations that can help them. >> reporter: housing and jobs program is given as well as healthcare. >> numbers are hard to gauge but according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development in the year 2011 on any given night, 67,495 veterans were homeless on the streets. veterans account for 14% of the entire homeless population. >> that is inability to find jobs and home foreclosures and many dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. >> people go in different directions, i'm pretty much a loner. >> our obligation is to protect families and take care of them when they come back home. >> it was absolutely heartbreaking to see dozens of these people walking the streets
4:36 pm
in newark when we were part of the midnight mission. there were many of them like gene. the fund has plans in the works to expand their midnight mission to several other cities. >> heather: a worthy cause. thank you so much. >> kelly: new report showing insurgent attacks on the rise in afghanistan. why is the pentagon refusing to give the army new technology to detect improvise explosive devices. the answer might surprise you. >> heather: syrian army mounting a massive attack. how a potential massacre in aleppo could this be a turning point for the international community. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. a new report detailing how many small businesses were lost during the recession. in it we are learning that small
4:41 pm
businesses were hit much harder than we first thought. more than 200,000 small businesses just disappeared between 2008 and 2010. taking with them more than 3 million jobs. gary is president of management former and fox news contributor. thank you for joining us. i looked it up. recovery defined several ways, one them, return to former and better state or condition. with we lose 200,000 small businesses in excess of 3 million jobs along with those businesses, doesn't sound like a better condition. so where are we headed and who is to blame? >> look. problem is simple. one word, it's called uncertainty. uncertainty in tax policy, healthcare policy and that has caused g.d.p. to stay down. and demand to stay down, when you see that business creation
4:42 pm
and job creation are just going to be underwhelming. knowingly the numbers skyrocket coming out of a recession. reagan, job creation went crazy for the next seven or eight years because of a tax policy that was permanent. there was nothing that lasted for one year. businesses need to know with certainty from washington, d.c.. >> heather: so temporary fix is not cutting the mustard. obama administration we should say, they point out that the country has seen 28 consecutive months of private sector job growth. republicans point out policies they claim have hurt or will hurt america's businesses including environmental regulation, himself that healthcare overhaul, what about those policies? >> for me tax policy number one. right now there is talk about anybody making $250,000 their taxes are going up next year. i have news for you.
4:43 pm
that is all small business owners. if they think taxes are going up. they are apt not to hire as much. not apt to create as much. number two, einstein can't figure out what is healthcare bill. einstein can't figure out the cost of healthcare bill, business owners can't. that is why you are seeing the numbers you are seeing. it's about uncertainty. until the obama administration comes out with certainty, we're going to do this for a year. you need permanent policy out of washington, d.c. and leave business alone to flourish. >> heather: president's recent remarks, a lot of accusations that president obama is giving too much credit to government and relying too much on government to revive the economy. president claims that his remarks have been taken out of context. he was referring to the fact
4:44 pm
that building roads and bridges. but does it interfere with economic recovery and what is your response to the president's remark? >> first of all, government is not bad, a blob of a government is bad. when one has to realize right now. $16 trillion has been spent by washington, d.c. that they haven't received yet in your taxpayer dollars. that is next six years already down the chute. for me, my problem is not what he says but what he does. since day one he has this anti-business rhetoric on every industry out there. number two, for me this healthcare bill is nothing but one big gigantic tax on the consumer and businesses. when does anything come from the government at the price it will cost. it's now $1.7 trillion, i think it will five to ten trillion dollars when all said and done.
4:45 pm
you factor this in. 1.5% g.d.p. which is an absolute joke. we need to see 3-4% and we see 300,000 jobs created each month. until that changes we are in the soup. >> heather: i see bummer stickers. a blob of big government is bad? >> did you ever see the movie the blob it gets bigger and bigger. >> kelly: we are tracking a storm system at this hour in fox weather center, northeast bracing for another round of potentially dangerous weather. when and where we'll see the worst of it. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks.
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>>. >> kelly: fox news alert. syria at a possible turning point. government forces have stepped up the bombing of the city of aleppo. assad regime using helicopter gunships and tanks to begin taking control and possibly wiping out the opposition once and for all. intense barrage raising fears of a potential blood bath but some world leaders that massacre is imminent.
4:50 pm
joining us is marvin kalb and former diplomatic correspondent. it's so good to have you here and share your insights what must be done in syria. one of the questions, what u.s. involvement can take place at this point? >> we're not absolutely clear on what kind of involvement. what the president has said up to this point is that the united states is not going to get militarily involved. they are not going to be sending lethal supplies to the rebels. we're not going to be putting troops on the ground. we're not going to be having to fly over syria, in other words, what this administration is seeking to do is try to have a change to get rid of the assad regime but at the same time not militarily involve the united states. >> kelly: having said that, what can we anticipate from russia, what might our involvement be with relations with russia?
4:51 pm
>> that, of course, the key question right now. we do not know what the russians will do right up against the crunch. what we do noe up to this point the russians won't agree to what they call, western imposition. western military intervention. what they saw in libya they don't want to see in syria. the large question at this point also is what happens to the chemical weapons in syria. syria has the largest component of chemical weapons anywhere in the world. that means they are all over the country. that means they can fall into the hands of al-qaeda, terrorist organization. there are any number of bad actors now involved in what is happening in syria. one of the reasons the u.s. does not want to get militarily involved we don't know who we will be involved with. >> kelly: the rebels that you
4:52 pm
are talking about. we don't know who those characters are. at the same time we know that the president of the united states and western allies, they want to see assad step down. how do you go about bringing down assad without some military intervention? >> this is the thing that everybody is trying to avoid, the idea in the final analysis the west must somehow involve its own military force. if that happens, think about what happened in iraq and afghanistan and libya. the united states would be in a position of sending its forces into another arab country into another islamic country inflaming islam again against the west. the impression this is extraordinarily difficult. what everybody is hoping at a certain point assad regime simply disintegrates from within. that the top generals leave and
4:53 pm
done diplomats leave and top politicians leave. that he just klapsz. so far that has not happened and it started in january of last year. it's about 17-18 months now. >> kelly: it started off as a peaceful protest in the streets. no one ever treemd thought it would get this violent. the question is how do we turn the page before we see this massive bloodshed that so many people are predicting would take place? >> if by turning page something positive emerging out of all of this, i can't honestly tell you that is in the cards right now. i think what we're probably going to see a lot that is worse before we see anything that is better. >> kelly: we'll leave it at that. love to have you back to discuss this more. we are all praying it doesn't
4:54 pm
get to the point, people can step up and do the right thing. >> heather: coming up. governor mitt romney touching down in israel for some big meetings with several leaders. we are tracking all the developments for you. we'll have a live report for you up next. happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> kelly: hello, everyone. i'm kelly wright. welcome it brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. the economy sputtering. there are things bad enough to have a real impact on the race for the white house. our panel debates the cold hard facts coming up. >> ieds have been a major cause of troop deaths in afghanistan and iraq. now new claims military brass is withholding technology that could help keep them safe. >> somebody is breaking into my house and i'm the only one at home. >> okay. just be quiet. >> heather: really scary. home alone when burglars break in. we will bring you one boy's amazing response under the most terrifying circumstances. >> kelly: right now, an extreme weather alert. the northeast is bracing for yet another round of severe storms.
4:59 pm
torrential rain, damaging wind and hail are possible for cities up and down the east coast. that includes places like elmira, new york, are residents are still cleaning up from violent weather there days ago that left many without power. >> i heard a crack and i'm like, it was a telephone pole. the wires were still live. people were, like, walking over them with caution. >> lines down. encourage people to stay away from any lines down. >> we're out trying to get help to get lines back connected to the houses. it's pretty bad here. >> kelly: it's bad there. could get bad elsewhere. maria molina is live to tell us more. >> good to see you. we're already tracking another round of storms across northeast. right now that's pushing through portion of connecticut, massachusetts, all the way down into parts of the carolinas. we have a risk for severe storms against across eastern parts of
5:00 pm
new jersey. i want to point out that some of these storms are also dumping through very heavy rain in a short amount of time. flash flooding is another concern that we'll keep an eye on throughout the rest of the evening in a basically the nighttime hours. we take a closer look at some of the storms across parts of pennsylvania, northeast. heavy downpours now across connecticut and massachusetts. we do have that concern for severe weather. two severe thunderstorm watches have been issued out across portions of southeastern pennsylvania, including new york city, as well as toward the east, including portions of delaware, through eastern portion of the state of virginia and a second severe thunderstorm watch that's also been issued out across southeastern parts of the state of north carolina. basically that means that conditions are favorable for these storms to produce some severe weather in these areas. even if you're not in a severe thunderstorm watch area and you have a concern for severe weather today, you need to stay alert because we have a severe thunderstorm warning outside of that watch area across northern parts of the state of pennsylvania.
5:01 pm
again, keeping an eye on large hail and damaging wind gust, being possible out mirror and flash flood warnings have been issued until 5:30 p.m. eastern time for new york up, parts of connecticut and southern massachusetts. basically that state that we have heavy storms in right now that are producing some flash flooding in some of these areas. that concern is very real. another big story that we've been keeping on eye on for weeks already is the extreme heat across the center of the country. that's still in place with the dry weather and a number of heat advisories in effect out here. >> that dry weather is affecting the drought area. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> kelly: heather? >> heather: governor mitt romney arriving in israel, part of his first overseas tour as the presumtive republican candidate for president. he's are images of mitt and ann romney arriving a short time ago. tomorrow the governor is meeting
5:02 pm
a long-time friend, israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. just days ago, president obama announced additional defense funding for the jewish state, a move that some critics say was timed to upstage the governor's trip. molly henneberg is live for us in washington with more on all of this. hi, molly. >> hi. the president announced more money, $70 million more, in funding to help expand an israeli antimissile defense system called iron dome, designed to shield the jewish state from hezbollah rockets. israel is very fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor mitt romney likely will try to make the case on this trip that he would be tougher with iran than president obama. romney, who traveled from england to israel earlier today, says he has to be careful while traveling abroad not to criticize the president directly. in an interview with an israeli paper, he was asked about the controversial israeli settlements in disputed areas such as the west bank. romney said, quote, i am afraid
5:03 pm
that any discussion of settlements would lead me into waters of showing a distance between me and the president that will not be appropriate for me to do while on foreign soil. president obama, who is not traveled to israel as president, has been critical of israel for continuing to build those settlements and that's caused somewhat of a chilly relationship between the president and israeli prime minister netanyahu. still yesterday in a separate event, the president talked about america's, quote, unshakeable commitment to israel's security. >> i have made it a top priority for my administration to deepen cooperation with israel across the whole spectrum of security issues, intelligence, military action technology. >> in the 2008 election, then senator obama got 78% of the jewish vote. this time around, recent gallup poll shows about 68% of jewish voters say they're supporting the president. heather? >> heather: thank you very much, molly henneberg live from
5:04 pm
washington. thank you. >> kelly: families of some of the victims of the colorado movie massacre laying their loved ones to rest today, including 24-year-old jessica ghawi. mourners packing a church in san antonio, remembering the life of the aspiring sports journalist, cut down too soon. meanwhile, we're learning that suspect james holmes had been visiting a university psychiatrist. elizabeth prann live in aurora, colorado, with the very latest. >> hi, kelly. we're at aurora, still a grief stricken area. the memorial over my shoulder which we have video of, seems to grow by the hour. people laying crosses and gifts, as well as prayer cards and lighting candles for people who lost their lives that night. three victims were peacefully laid to rest in ceremonies today. jessica ghawi and matt mcguinn were laid to rest in san antonio and springfield, ohio. a memorial service at buckley air force base was held for
5:05 pm
jesse childress. family members are slowly coming forward about the pain and the struggle of recovery. kate says her brother remains in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the head. he still has a bullet lodged in his brain. here is what she told us. >> he's on monitors. he'll be calm. i feel like he's having a nightmare about it, which breaks my heart. >> meanwhile, we're digesting details about the psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenden. we know the extent of -- we don't know the extent of her treatment, but we know the package was intended for her and reports reveal medical reports state that dr. fenton was reprimanded for not keeping updated medical records on prescriptions she wrote for herself and family members. the medications included xanax and vicodin.
5:06 pm
the package we talked about, as well as the extent of holmes' charges will all be revealed monday morning during his arraignment. he faces a bare minimum of 12 first degree murder charges. although he will be present in the courtroom, we don't expect to hear anything from him examine we also know there will be no cameras in the courtroom. kelly? >> kelly: we appreciate that report from aurora, colorado. meantime, how much did the psychiatrist actually know about james holmes and his potential threat to the public? could she have done anything about it at all? judge jeanine pirro will give us her take. that's coming up later in the hour. >> heather: definitely looking forward to hearing what she had to say. an exclusive interview coming up on fox news sunday. chris wallace sits down with supreme court justice scalia discussing the issue of gun control in the wake of the colorado movie massacre. >> some limitations that can be imposed. what they are will depend on
5:07 pm
what the society understood were reasonable limitations at the time. there were certain location limitations. >> what about the technological limitations? obviously we're not talk being a hand gun or husband katy. we're -- musket. we're talk being one that can fire 100 shots in a minute. >> we'll see. >> heather: you can catch all of chris' exclusive interview with justice scalia that is only on the fox news channel at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> kelly: a new report raise attention safety concerns for american troops in afghanistan. the number of insurgent attacks over three months are up compared to the same period last year. that includes a spike in the use of improviseed explosive device. this comes as some in congress complain the pentagon is withholding software this could protect our troops from ied attacks. mike emmanuel has that story. >> with improvised explosive
5:08 pm
devices, the single greatest threat to the u.s. military and its mission in afghanistan, technology to detect the danger has become a critical tool. research shows software has improved the successful clearing of ied's by 12% and now a member of the house armed services committee is asking for a congressional investigation into why the army has resisted using it. >> you have the ground combat commanders asking for something from the pentagon and then not receiving it. >> in fact, the first brigade combat team of the 82nd airborne sent this urgent need request on may 12. it describe it is as mission essential requirements for force protection in the targeting of ied threats that are not met by current intelligence interesting system. >> we have e-mail traffic where the 82nd airborne says lives are at stake. this is going to help us save lives and limbs and the pentagon bureaucrats actually say, tough. >> he accuses the army of
5:09 pm
destroying internal reports that favor it over its own system. an army spokesman says there is an ongoing investigation being conduct to do determine the facts in the matter. hunter, a marine combat veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, says the army's logic doesn't make sense. >> extremely cheap, it's extremely simple to get running. everybody is clamoring for it. all the special forces are using it. our allies are using it. our intelligence communities are all using palantir. the military is begging for and they're being told no but not for any other reason than the pentagon doesn't like it. >> at the pentagon, george little says the detection and dismantling of ied's is a top priority for commanders in the field and -- >> the secretary has full confidence in the army to look into issues that there may be with respect to the software. i would refer you to the army for specifics on this matter. >> kelly: mike, thank you. nearly half of the american troops killed in afghanistan so
5:10 pm
far this year were victims of ied's. that is among the reasons why the house oversight committee is wanting to open an investigation in a matter of days. >> heather: shear a question for you: should welfare recipients be able to use government funds for lotto tickets, alcohol, tattoos? more states cracking down on this. some critics are crying foul. >> kelly: lotto tickets. we'll watch that. economic news taking center stage in the race fort white house. how both campaigns are actually handling these potentially game changing developments. >> heather: plus, the olympic games barely underway. did you watch any of that last night? >> kelly: i didship pretty spectacular. already police making dozens of areas. is the security there up to the challenge? we will talk with a former c.i.a. covert operations officer coming up. [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes
5:11 pm
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5:14 pm
>> kelly: welcome back. two major economic indicators out adding fuel to governor romney's presidential campaign and putting president obama, well, on the defensive. first, the u.s. economy growing
5:15 pm
just 1.5% in the second quarter and then the white house releasing its new deficit projection for 2012, $1.2 trillion. yes. making this the fourth consecutive year of a trillion dollars-plus deficit. what does this mean for the race for the white house? john linco is the founder of left action and a consulting group and sabrina, executive director of independent women's forum. thank you both for joining us this afternoon. let's get right to the question here. what's going on? everyone talked about hope and change about four years ago and it's turned into a lack of jobs and we've got the health care issue going on. do either of you support president obama in terms of his policies? i know he's a likeable man. but what about his economic policies? >> i definitely support him in terms of his policies. the reality is what we've had for the last four engineers republican leadership that focused more on preventing barak
5:16 pm
obama's reelection -- >> kelly: how has that delivered jobs? >> they've not been focused on delivering jobs. the unemployment rate came down with the help of the stimulus. it would be logical to have another jobs program to bring it down further, but the republican leadership is preventing that. >> kelly: let's bring up the graph of the unemployment rate right now. sabrina, i know you want to tackle this. jump in as we look at the graph of the unemployment rate holding at 8.2%. the president wanted to bring it down much lower than that. what happened? >> you know, i think the problem is that these economic reports have become just business as usual with this administration. i think that the american people are suddenly realizing that binge spending and hyper regulation is not what this economy needs. they want to see senate democrats, they want to see this white house really tackle these economic problems head on to cut -- make the tax cuts permanent across the board for all levels of the tax ladder.
5:17 pm
they want to see entitlement reform tackled. they need a leader now who is ready to make real change. not more of the same welfare situation. >> kelly: as john pointed out, though, the president wanted to make real change and he was stifled by some of the members on the right who said that they didn't want to move forward. >> he pushed for health care. >> kelly: they did. >> they prevented him. >> kelly: did they really prevent him -- >> they -- >> kelly: hold up. let me ask the question. did they really prevent him when the president, instead of going after job, job, job, in the initial days of his presidency, went after health care? >> we can walk and chew gum at the same time. he went after health care u about also pushed forward with the stimulus, which brought the unemployment rate down by two points and even at the time, economists were saying, this will bring it down by about two points, but we need a wig -- bigger stimulus. >> let's remember the big recession is believed to have ended three years ago already.
5:18 pm
we've been having this sputtering recovery and we can't get the engine going. the problem is it this is the third economic dip in three years. as kill whether or not recognitioned, the fourth consecutive quarter in which we had -- year ages. trillion dollars plus deficit. we still have unemployment at over 8%. manufacturing that continues to shrink. i think it's clear that the current policies of picking winners and losers is not work. >> kelly: there apparently lies the rub. you're talking about finding solutions. how do you find a solution when the president is talking about the haves and haves not and giving more to the middle class rather than making tax cuts for everybody? and then there is the economy, john. the economy has not done what the president wanted it to do and he said, if it doesn't move the way he wants to move it along, to get it better, that he doesn't deserve a chance to be reelected. >> the solution obvious. the obvious solution is being blocked by the republican leadership. 92% of economists polled by the
5:19 pm
university of chicago said that the first stimulus worked to reduce unemployment. we need to reduce it further. look north texas one wants to hear about more government spending. but the reality is, what you need to do -- austerity now is like putting a malnourished patient on a starvation diet. consumers are not spending. businesses are not spends. it's a necessary evil. government needs to get in there and jump start the sputtering economy. >> i think that's where romney has an opportunity to get out there. the fact is, he should probably come home from europe and start addressing these issues. he hasn't done a whole lot of laying out of the his economic plan, but what's talked about cutting government spending. that's a good place to start. >> kelly: i'm glad you brought that up because a lot of people who are criticizing governor romney would like to see specific plan. but john, getting back who to what you were saying about republican leadership and then democrat leadership, how about just good old american leadership where we all roll up our sleeves, across the aisle, left and right, everybody working together to get
5:20 pm
something done to help this country get back to work? >> i fully endorse that. i think this should be the kind of thing where we can sit down and in about 15 minutes figure out we need more spending now while we're in recession, but need a long-term plan to reduce the structural deficit. >> i think that's it, we can't. >> kelly: last word? >> look, this is going to affect the november election, but i think what we're finding is this is impacting americans every day right now. the problem is that we have a very big difference of opinion. i think we need o have massive tax cuts across the board and john thinks we need more spending. >> kelly: we'll end it there. sabrina and john, thank you both very much for a spirited debate on what's going on with our presidency and the campaign. >> thank you. >> heather: now that we have talked about the gdp, here is another indicator that may say a lot about the health of our economy. the number of babies born. u.s. birth rates have declined steadily since reaching an all-time high in 2007. since 2012, it is projected to have the lowest rate in 25
5:21 pm
years. fertility rate has long been linked to consumer confidence. tushes out confidence is much lower in red states than in blue, if you're keeping count. the fertility rates reflect that. interesting. >> kelly: really? that is interesting. an olympic stunner going on. we've got the results of one of the most highly anticipated events of the entire games. >> heather: i heard about this. stay tuned. a major drug bust. police nabbing more than $10 million worth of illegal narcotics. it may surprise you to learn who was helping the mexican smugglers. >> kelly: it may sound like the movie "home alone," but a ten-year-old is getting credit for protecting his home from burglars. you don't want to miss this story. >> i was being as soft as i could. i was holding my heart. their feet were like right there [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. first we want to warn you, spoiler alert. major spoiler out of london. if you don't want to know the results from the men's olympic 400-meter individual medley, now is a good time to mute the tv or turn away. but just for a moment. here it is. the u.s., ready, has claimed gold. but it was ryan lochte by a landslide, victorious by more than 3 seconds. and perhaps even more shocking, he looked shocked, michael phelps didn't even medal, coming in fourth. you can see his shocked expression in this image from right after the race. >> kelly: house ways and means committee chairman dave camp says he is about to begin cancer treatments. doctors diagnosed him with non-hodgkin's lymphoma after a recent routine physical. camp says they found it at a
5:27 pm
very early and highly treatable stage. >> heather: and military launching an around the clock barrage on the nation's largest cities, some fear fighting in aleppo will turn into the most violent battle since the start of the uprising. rebels still claim control over part of the city. >> kelly: with more americans relying on welfare benefits as a result of the economic down turn, more states are now cracking down on fraud. specifically reports of people using benefit cards to purchase lotto tickets, tattoos, or even alcohol instead of buying food. critics are calling the new push misguided. eric sean has this report. >> they are supposed to be used only for essentials, not covered by food stamps. but instead, reports say money from electronic benefit transfer, or ebt cards, which are like atm cards, has been spent on anything but.
5:28 pm
>> they buy beer with it, lottery tickets. they've been used in atm's in casinos. they've been used in liquor stores and certainly we also have evidence that they've been used in various strip clubs. >> more than ten states passed legislation restricting the use of the cards, clamping down on what some lawmakers brand as brazen ebt abuses. in new york, a law was proposed that prohibits cards from being used for alcohol, lottery tickets, or casino gambling and restricts atm withdrawals can be made. >> if you're august the program and you need to feed your family, then you're doing it legally, that's fine. that's what the program is for. but if you're abusing it, we're going to get you. >> the bill passed in new york state senate with three votes against it. critics claim it's not a massive problem. they say telling people on publiccancance how to spend their money restricts their freedom. >> it's not a problem that's so widespread that needs government to come in and tell people what
5:29 pm
to buy where they can cash their atm. i think it's misdirected resources. >> others say the welfare system is so broken, these new laws just won't work. >> you can't enforce it. it's completely pointless. these are bans on the use of cash, ebt cards, they can go get cash with it and spend it however they want. >> eric sean reporting. >> kelly: we thank you for that. earlier this year, president obama signed a law that requires states to insure the welfare benefits are not misspent. if not, states can lose some of their federal funding. the u.s. coast guard making a major drug bust in california, intercepting nearly $10 million of marijuana. multiple agencies were involved in yesterday's arrest of 13 people off the santa barbara county coast. authorities stopping a boat loaded with more than 6600 pounds of pot. the suspected smugglers were from mexico, el salvador and
5:30 pm
four u.s. citizens. >> heather: police in making about 130 arrests outside the olympics opening ceremony last night. activists on bicycles tried and failed to pedal past a security checkpoint. scotland yard says officers scuffled with the cyclists. it was one of the first known tests for olympic security following concerns that they maybe weren't ready for the games. but with two weeks of events still to come, what else can we expect? spectacular opening ceremonies from last night. mike baker is a former c.i.a. covert officer and he joins us now with more. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: so the opening ceremonies were last night. the games are underway. what, in your opinion, has been the biggest problem so far? >> i think the biggest problem they've had is probably the one that's been most publicized. u.k. government hired a company called g 4 s, quite a while ago.
5:31 pm
you can imagine the preparation for these olympics, particularly in a venue like london, it's been years in the make. so they hired this security company to provide a little over 10,000 trained and vetted, very important, vetted secured guards work the perimeter, the access points the controlling of the access to the games. well, shortly before the games actual lea kicked off, g 4 s turned around and said we're not going to be able to meet the contract and currently only provided about 6,000 or so of those guards. what they're doing now is they're rushing, they're trying to get all these guards vetted and signed up and put out there. so you can imagine the security problem there because it's not just good enough to give them a badge and put them out the door. you've got have training. this is something they should have been doing two or three years ago. now it's up to the government to bring in 18,000 plus troops to try to fill in the gaps.
5:32 pm
they're very good at this. the u.k. forces the metropolitan police, mi 5 and mi 6. it doesn't get any better than this. but this was a major snafu that could have been avoided and the u.k. government should have been on top of it much sooner. >> heather: moving on, they have been put to the test. police protecting london olympic park on opening night, they arrested more than 130 activists on bicycles. the anti-capitalist group, apolune continue, claiming to be among those arrested. but protesters, they are to be expected with an event that is this visible. so how do they deal with that? >> right. any time you've got something like this, and coming up for us in the u.s., we're look at the rnc and the dnc. the big events. so you always have to anticipate that whether it's occupy or whether it's anarchist groups, whether it's just slackers with answer general at that -- agenda, it's something that you have to devote resources to, both on the intelligence side and then on the physical
5:33 pm
security side. it's unfortunate in a way because some of these individuals, some of these groups, particularly in europe, they have a habit of just traveling from event or conference to other events. just look to provoke and cause trouble. taking what otherwise would be a relatively peaceful and viable demonstration, turning it into something violent. so the u.k. government and the military, police, and others have been very focused on what these activist groups may engage in. just like we are when we'rely. it's a shame, because it distracts from where the real serious threats may come from, meaning primarily terrorism. >> heather: so mike, it is a new world. we have to talk about twitter. are you on twitter, by the way? >> i am on twitter. >> heather: i love twitter. there have been some security concerns involving olympic athletes and twitter tweets showing their security badges. u.s. women soccer player carly lloyd and an american rower. both have taken down those twitter images at the request of
5:34 pm
security forces. how serious of a breach is something like this? >> i don't want to go over the top on this, but people -- they seem to lose their mind when it comes to just common sense and social media. they have to understand the sort of information that they're putting out there, identification facts and pictures. you have the same problem when you're talking about the olympic athletes or whether you're talking about your tween at home that's sending out information they shouldn't. people don't understand how accessible personal data is and how there are people out there trolling around trying to find the data to use it fourneau fairious means. what do you do? even the olympic athletes think they're immune to this sort of problem. >> heather: everyone can see it and it is always there, even when you delete it. so don't do it. think before you tweet. finally, 66 days covering thousands of news. what the is most important step need to do protect the athletes and protect the spectators?
5:35 pm
>> you know what? the most important work is what you just don't see. obviously there is the visible security as if you're walking through an airport to take a flight. you see that. the metal detectors, the guards. but what really goes on behind the scene, the information collection, the assessment of the threat, the identification of potential threats, the communications work that goes on, monitoring known potential threats, suspects, et cetera, gathering all that information is a massive undertaking. just like it is 24/7 throughout the year here for homeland security. so for an event like this, there is an enormous focus on insuring that they're analyzing data constantly. i can't stress how much work goes into this. also the surveillance work that goes into it. looking at the crowds as they're moving through, trying to constantly identify a potential threat well before it develops into some problem. so that's what takes place. people don't see that. but they should be comforted by the fact that it's like an iceberg. 90% of the work is down here. it's all that homework, but then
5:36 pm
allows you to to prevent a particular problem. >> heather: thank you for joining us. it's a huge undertaking. thank you. >> thank you. >> kelly: this is a story you must see. a very brave ten-year-old georgia boy is being called a crime fighter today. he helped police stop a burglary while he was at home alone. kaitlyn from or fox affiliate in atlanta has the story. >> it was a cell phone and good luck that this ten-year-old says helped stop a burglary in his own home. >> what is the location of your emergency? >> somebody is breaking into my house and i'm the only kid at home. i heard a shatter of glass that broke. then i ran under my brother's bed right here with my phone. >> home alone, he says he knew he was in trouble when he heard a brick smashing through the back door and then the voices of strangers. >> they were saying like, wow, it's a lot of good stuff in
5:37 pm
here. this is going to be a good one. >> what the crooks didn't know, this cool headed fifth grader was on the phone with the 911 operator. help was coming. what prosecute you thinking? >> i was thinking, i hope they don't come upstairs and look under the bed. >> i hear footsteps. >> just be quiet. >> chris says he held his breath as those foot steps came closer and closer. and his older brother's belongs were loaded into bags right above his head. >> i was being as soft as i could. i was holding my heart. i was -- their feet were like right there. >> when chris says his nerves were at their limit, relief. >> one of the kids said the cops are here action the cops are here. >> one of the suspected burglars, 19-year-old, is under arrest. officers are now looking for his alleged accomplice. police say they found the family's stolen stuff in the woods behind their home. they're praising this young man
5:38 pm
for his courage and quick thinking. >> they were like, you act like a real adult and you really did this the right way. >> kelly: what a great story. kaitlyn from our fox affiliate, whea in atlanta. thanks. the burglars were not smarter than a fifth grader. >> heather: he's okay. major new developments in the colorado movie massacre. james holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist some time before the attack. could she have stopped him before the massacre? judge jeanine breaks it all down for us up next a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay!
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trick estion. i love everything out this country! inuding prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're onof those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day,
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block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zeroeartburn. >> heather: bombshell developments in the colorado movie massacre. according to newly released court documents, accused mass murderer james holmes had been treated by a psychiatrist at the university he was attending. attorneys for holmes making the
5:43 pm
disclosure. so how much did the psychiatrist know about holmes' threat to the public and could she have done anything to prevent the tragedy? judge jeanine pirro, the host of "justice" and show joins us now with more insight. thanks for being here. so you just returned from colorado. share with us some of your insight and what you experienced. >> it's amazing, when you see how this community is impacted by the shooting of -- i don't even know what to call him and i don't want to use his name. but they are resilient. they are strong. i went to a restaurant a very small restaurant for lunch and the hostess' friend's son had been murdered. everyone is impacted by this. the whole community is affected. i had a young 17-year-old on the set within 24 hours, or just after 24, who had a bullet hole through his neck. and another girl shot in the chin and part of the bullet was still in her face. these kids amaze me. the people of aurora, colorado, are just unbelievable.
5:44 pm
they're basically saying to this dirt bag, if you'll excuse the expression, we're not going to let you impact the quality of our life. sure, you hurt us, but we're going to come back. and i'm just so impressed with the people out there. and they're not look for vengeance. these people who still have piece of bullets in them were like, we want the system to take its course. >> heather: a lot of people questioning, though, now the psychiatrist, that he was being treated by at the university. how obligated was she to share if she perceived any real threat to authorities? >> it's a great question. we're just now finding out for sure that the shooter was seeing a psychiatrist who is the medical director of campus student mental health. this psychiatrist is known for her work in schizophrenia. now, to answer your question directly, had the shooter told her on this day, i plan to kill this person, this way, she is under an obligation to report it. but it it's just ramblings of someone that's not making any sense, then it's not something
5:45 pm
she would have to report. so there is a doctor-patient prison and indeed that is the basis for the defense's motion to the court saying look, we want to know, number one, who leaked the fact that there was a mailing from the shooter to the psychiatrist? there is a gag order. it's a violation of doctor-patient privilege. and in addition to that, it violates his rights to a fair trial. so we're just in the beginning. but here is the bad news, fourneau, anyway. the bad news is if he's represented by a psychiatrist or seeing one, then it tees up the ability of this shooter to access the insanity defense. which interestingly enough in colorado, and i'm amazed with this, there is a section of the insanity defense that says even if you're suffering from mental illness or disease or defect that says you don't know the difference wednesday right and wrong, if it is born of hatred, revenge or evil, you can not avail yourself of the insanity defense. good for the people and the legislature of colorado!
5:46 pm
>> heather: it did seem very clear that he did know the difference between right and wrong, at least to me, in the planning that went into this and how he covered himself and all of this garb. >> the planning to premeditation, the purchase of the weapons, the tripping in the apartment is an indication that there was a great deal of thought and premeditation that went into this. the question is whether or not a psychiatrist, and i never believe psychiatrists belong in a courtroom, but that's just my opinion -- will say that that premeditation was born of a psychosis that caused him to think that he needed to do this. >> heather: could they subpoena these records from the psychiatrist and if they determine then that he did actually say and do some sort of -- say specifically this threat, could she then be held liable? >> make no mistake, that will come out. sooner or later that, will come u. we're going to know everything that is in that package.
5:47 pm
we don't know, there's a hearing on monday and we'll hear what the judge says. but this psychiatrist has been in a little bit of trouble before with the board of medical examiners. she apparently gave herself and her husband some ambien or some medication. >> heather: we will find out more on your show tonight. catch "justice" at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. i will be tuning in and we will be right back. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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>> kelly: all right. the latest polls show the race for the white house is a nail biter as we hit 100 days 'til election day this weekend. the real clear politics average poll shows president obama with just over 46% and governor romney, one point behind at 45%. >> heather: the latest rasmussen poll shows governor romney leading 48 to 44%. joining us now is scott rasmussen. what about that? it's a dead heat. down to the wire. >> mitt romney right now and likely voter polls doing a little bit better and i think the reason he's doing well is
5:52 pm
because, well, consumer confidence at the lowest level of 2012 this past week. long-term optimism about the economy as low as it's been. 40% tell us that the economy will get better over the next five years. that's down from 46% a year ago and 58% in the summer of 2009. so confidence in the economy goes down, the president's job approval goes down with it. >> kelly: what does this mean now? 100 days out and the president is still one slight point ahead, what does that mean in terms of crossing the finish line in november? >> right now, you mentioned the real clear politics average. that's a great service and a great average. but it's important to note the distinction between registered voter polls and likely voter polls. most of the registered voter polls show the president ahead. but all turnout models we have, all the interest, enthusiasm of the campaign is favorly toward the republicans. what it means right now, mitt romney probably slight favorite as you're going forward. but the election is really going
5:53 pm
to be determined by what happens to the economy between now and november. if it gets worse, president obama loses. >> heather: what about the job approval numbers in terms of the job that president obama is doing? >> right now 26% strongly approve. 43% strongly disapprove. that intensity, that intense opposition to the president has been pretty consistent for the last couple of years. again, by all the measures that we see, rinse are a lot more fired up to participate in this. president obama in this election is playing the same role that george bush plate in 2008. he's supplying all the passion for both sides on the voting pool. >> kelly: trust more on the economy, is it governor romney or president obama getting the best? >> romney gets a slight edge on this. 49% trust romney more. couple warning signs here for the challenger. these numbers are down for
5:54 pm
romney from a month or two ago. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate it. scott rasmussen joining us. >> kelly: that will do it for us. rick folbaum and jamie colby take over at the top of the hour. >> heather: we will see you right here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. so tune in for that. have a great evening ♪ why not try someplace different every morning? get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred. avoid bad.fats. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself.
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>> ricky: glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. topping the news, there are more victims of the colorado movie massacre that were laid to rest today and we are getting chilling new details as well about the man that is suspected of gunning them down, including information on his life before the devastating rampage. >> ricky: also governor mitt romney looking to beef up his foreign policy credentials, meeting with leaders from one of our most crucial allies in the world. but will it help him with voters here at home? >> jamie: and as the economy falter, is big government making matters better or worse for american businesses? we're going to have an eye opening look just ahead. >> ricky: let's start with governor romney's highly anticipated arrival today in israel. we're taking a look now at brand-new video of mitt and ann romney gotting off the plane in
5:59 pm
tel aviv, the presumtive republican nominee will sit down tomorrow with his long-time friend, benjamin, netanyahu. the visit coming after an announcement by president obama that some critics say was meant to upstage governor romney's trip. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. hi. >> that announcement was for more money, $70 million more in funding for an israeli defense system. governor mitt romney says he will not criticize president obama directly while he's overseas on this trip, but he has spoken previously while still in the u.s. of the obama administration's, quote, shabby treatment of israel. and says the israeli people, quote, deserve better than what they've received from the leader of the free world. here is some pictures of romney on the plane from england to israel today. israel is very fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor romney likely try to make a case that he would be tougher with iran than president obama. he said in an interview with an israeli paper, quote, in a time of

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